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Infiltration Tank
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REANSONS OF CHOOSING GS-Tanks Infiltration Tank
    Mainly made of high purity PP with features of fragile and tough. Our Infiltration Tank doesn’t react easily with acid or vinegar, etc. Owning to provide an environment at cryogenic temperatures by applicating underground, the Geocellular serving life could be above 40 years. And they are 100% recyclable at the end of it useful life.
    By the reason of making full use of dynamics and logistic principles, stability of triangle are applicated a lot on its plates. With the combination of round shape, the Drainage System is proven to provide robust, effective source control through retention, storage and collection at deeper or shallower depths.
    Detention Tanks enormous void percentage, 95%, enables the ability to create a larger subterranean cavity utilizing less space. The result is a reduction in excavation and land clearing requirements. The stormwater Attenuation Systems can store an unlimited amount of water and control stormwater runoff.
Infiltration Tank for Underground Attenuation Systems

Stormwater Retention, Attenuation and Infiltration
The Stormwater detention tanks can be mainly used for rainwater Retention, Attenuation, Infiltration. The drainage system and water storage-permeation and filtration system along side the roads, parking lot, water storage and drainage for the ecological shallow ridges, living community, factories and enterprises, municipal roads, viaducts and bridges, park and scenic spot, it will be the necessity for construction of sponge city.

The structure characteristics of Infiltration Tank, Geocellular

High Void Ratio  - 96% void ratio providing greater water storage capacity with reduced excavation and disposal costs.
High Compression Load  - Resisting stretch and extrusion by fully utilizing triangle’s stability and round shape. (reach 77106 lb)
Unique Columnar Construction  - Adopt cylinder-shaped construction, suitable for non-trafficked, trafficked or heavily trafficked appilication.
Structural integration  - Distributing the loaded weight on to all the plates, fully utilized the effect of each plate.
Stable Design  - Interlocks vertically and horizontally for maximum stability, avoid the whole system from floating.
Fast Installation  - The built-in socket and ports bring extremely convenience of quick installation(about 30 seconds for 1 CBM installation).

The parameters of Stormwater detention tanks #M2016S

Size:  3.28’ x 1.64’ x 1.64’ (1000 x 5000 x 500mm)
Material:  100% Recycled PP, or Virgin Materials
Load Capacity:  42T/m2
Tanks:  4 tanks/cbm
Void ratio:  96%
Water Storage:  237L/tank
Weight:  15kg/tank

Infiltration Tank - Geocellular, for Underground  Stormwater Drainage Attenuation Systems

Solution Description in here

Step 1: Solution description ( Storage or infiltration, soil regime, precipitation, size of pond and detailed address. )
Step 2: Product recommendation ( Item, quantity, figure, shipment cost, lead time)
Step 3: Details confirmation, shipment after contract signing.

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Infiltration Tank - Geocellular, for Underground Stormwater Drainage Attenuation Systems
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The Stormwater detention tanks are able to bear large load capacity. They have been tested by American TRI testing institution and met the AASHTO HS-20 standard. There are many modular Infiltration Tank with different sizes to satisfy your requirements of different engineering projects.

Loading capacity:

According to the testing, the load capacity of a Geocellular can be about 11ton, but the highest can reach 45ton per square meter.


The Underground Stormwater Drainage Attenuation Systems has been applied successfully in a variety of engineering projects around the world. It is quite related with the water harvesting system or water drainage system. People usually use the Infiltration Tank to deal with the rainwater or control the flood.

GS-Tanks tormwater detention tanks are very popular among international customers, mainly exported to the US, Europe, Australia and Middle East. As lots of projects have proved, the Geocellular are one of the strongest systems available for underwater storage, filtration and drainage.

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Infiltration Tank - Geocellular, for Underground Stormwater Drainage Attenuation Systems, Infiltration Tank - Geocellular, for Underground Stormwater Drainage Attenuation Systems. SOUTH AL MUTLAA HOUSING PROJECT in Kuwait


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