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The Benefits of Green Roof Systems

The green movement spawned a new kind of roofing system that combines soil, plants, and other natural elements to form a rooftop eco system. Green commercial roofing systems (a.k.a. natural systems), which popular in many areas, are quickly becoming the preferred alternative to conventional systems that do not weather well, and saddle building owners with high roofing repair bills. If you plan to implement a green roof, below are seven reasons to move forward with your plans:

Improved Storm Water Management

By storing water in the substrate, Green systems improve storm water management. Where green systems is absorbed by plants, and then returned to the atmosphere by transpiration and evaporation. By retaining storm water, a natural roof can help extend the lifespan of drainage systems by reducing the volume of water they receive. Research shows that a natural system can retain up to 90% of the rain that falls on them.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The more insulation its roof contains, the less heat a building loses in the winter. And a natural roof serves as an extra layer of insulation. Implementing a green system if your building’s annual utility bill is too high, this can help bring it back under control.

Reduced Ambient Heat

A roof can be a major source of unwanted heat in a summer, as it absorbs sunlight. It produces heat energy that is transferred to the interior of the building. By absorbing sunlight without transferring it to the interior, natural systems prevent this from happening. Research shows that a natural roof can reduce the demand for air conditioning by up to seventy-five percent.

Improved Building Value

At a time installing a green roof can increase the value of a building to potential buyers when eco friendly buildings are preferred over buildings that use conventional technology. A green roof can also increase the real estate value of a building by improving its energy efficiency.

Reduced Repairs

Natural systems typically require fewer repairs than conventional commercial roofing because they are “self-sustaining”. If you need to save money on roofing repair, implementing a natural system can help you do it.

Noise Reduction

Depending on their construction, green roofs can reduce outside noise by up to 50 decibels. The interiors of urban buildings are prone to an influx of low frequency noise caused by transport systems, automobiles, and industrial work. Green systems excel at providing a barrier to this noise.

Attractive to Employees

In urban environments where outdoor greenery is scarce, buildings that have a natural roof can help companies attract and retain employees. According to research, a green roof can make employees easier to recruit and reduce employee turnover. If you need to reduce the cost of recruiting or training new employees, implementing a green roof can help.


If you need a commercial roofing system, building a natural green system may be the best option. Except to improve the aesthetics of your building, a green roof can improve storm water management, improve energy efficiency, reduce ambient heating, reduce the cost of roofing repair, improve building value, attract employees, and reduce noise etc.

A green roofing system can provide several financial benefits, including reducing the need for roofing repair. Leiyuan is a professional manufacturer of green roof system materials, if you have any interests, please feel free to contact them for more details.

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Leiyuan Company Offers Unique Green Roof Designs

Fujian, China – Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited was started in the year 2008, and is based in China. The company covers a total area of around 8,000 square kilometers. Leiyuan Company is a reputed company that is primarily involved in the area of research and production activities related to plastic gardening materials. Having significant years of experience in this field, Leiyuan Company caters to the requirement of different customers worldwide.

Leiyuan Company devotes itself to offering top quality services to customers from all over the world. “Leiyuan is committed to providing the vast customer service with sincere cooperation and establishing win-win business relationship”, as stated by the company owner Mr. Alan Wu. Now the company holds CE certificate and ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate for offering quality services  and mainly focused on capturing the main markets such as South Asia, Europe, East Asia, North America, and Oceania.

“With advanced equipments and more than 23 sets of instrument, we are able to produce  the high quality Green Roof products for city greening and landscape construction”, adds the company spokesman. The company mainly offers green roof system, green roof materials and ground reinforcement & grass reinforcement products. Customers are offered quality based products at a reasonable and competitive price by the company. A simple green roof design combined with a flexible and easy installation mechanism is what is promoted by Leiyuan Company to all client groups within China and abroad.

The main products offered by the company include plastic grass grid, drainage plate, rainwater harvesting module, overflow grating, vertical plant container and plant container for green roof system etc. Leiyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd provides maximum durability warranty of 8 years for all green roofs products in specific natural grounds. Some of the main product categories displayed online include MP-S25A – HDPE Drainage Plates, JES25 – Drainage Sheet, MP-B25C – Drainage Board, MP-S25C – Water Drainage Cell and many more.

Leiyuan Company always provides high services to every key customer groups worldwide, and the various products offered by the Green Roofs company can be used for different important occasions or projects. The company officials offer innovative and unique solutions for green roofing or gardening works. Customers are provided efficient after sale services by the company as well.

To get more details about green roof system information, please visit www.greengrassgrid.com.

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