Do you battle with managing mud on your horse farm?


When you couldn’t wait for winter and all it entails to end, now you’re battling a different foe than ice and snow: mud. Whether ankle deep or axle-deep, mud is a pain when trying to dump wheelbarrows, turn horses out or just complete basic farm chores.


Not only is mud an unsightly mess that’s difficult to work in, it can also be an equine health: horses that do not have solid footing are more likely to injure themselves due to a slip or fall. Horses standing in mud for long periods of time are exposed to bacteria and are more susceptible to thrush and scratches, both difficult conditions to treat if drier ground is not available.


The good news is, Leiyuan Industrial develop newest horse paddock plastic grid

take horse owner to offer muddy paddock solutions


Paddock stabilization grid is made of high-quality and very durable plastic, pay attention to environmental protection. It has good elasticity and excellent grip, can reduce and disperse the impact force for each component and make horses-riding comfortable.


GSGrid - made of extremely durable and high-quality plastics, it is environmentally friendly and,thanks to its elasticity and excellent grip properties, offers the highest degree of riding comfort while treating the tendons and joints of your horses particularly gently.

Before using GSGrid, the uneven ground makes the horse easily fall, the rider and horse easily get injured; also if it rains, the horse's hoof has sticky soil, it will be dirty. After using GSGrid,the ground is flat and clean,horse and rider can be very safe and full of joy.


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