Do You Really Know What Is Plastic Grass Grid


Plastic Grass Grids are interlocking pavers that can be planted with turf grass to create a lawn surface that can withstand pedestrian and automobile traffic. The grid structure of the plastic pavers typically is made of HDPE and is a honeycomb-shaped lattice. The lattice design creates a rigid surface that can support weight without compacting the soil and the roots of the grass. Plastic pavers typically are used for parking lots, pedestrian paths, driveways, golf cart paths, soccer fields and other recreational surfaces.

Plastic paver grids are made from recycled post-consumer waste high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and are lighter in weight than concrete paver grids. Plastic grids are ideal for light- to medium-traffic areas, and concrete grids are ideal for higher traffic areas. Both types are relatively easy to install, and after being locked into place, they are filled with a mixture of topsoil, sand and gravel. After the grass has grown in and is fully established, concrete pavers typically show more of the underlying grid structure than the grids made of plastic.

The main disadvantage of interlocking turf pavers is that they are more expensive than regular lawn, concrete or asphalt surfaces. The cost of the grids varies by brand and also depends on the design requirements of the project. Green grass pavers also need to be maintained just like a regular lawn, including watering, fertilizing and mowing. Lattice pavers can also be filled with a sand-and-gravel mixture and left unplanted, if a lawn is not desired.

The main advantage of turf pavers is that they form a permeable surface that stabilizes the soil and allows rain to infiltrate through into the ground. They can be incorporated into a landscape design as a form of stormwater management, providing for drainage and filtration while reducing runoff. Allowing rainfall to percolate into the groundwater reduces the burden on other drainage and water management systems. By stabilizing the soil, lawn grid pavers control erosion, and they can be installed on slopes or in other areas where erosion is a concern.

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