Facing persistent rain, what can we do? ------Try Channel Drain


As AccuWeather reported at April 25th, 2017 several days of heavy rain have resulted in dangerous flash flooding across the Carolinas this week, resulting in road closures, water rescues and rising river level.

Facing so persistent heavy rain, what can we do to avoid such passive situation?Is there anything we can do to prepare for storm rain?

Maybe Channel Drain could give you some idea.

With our social development and progress, our requirement for the environment becomes higher than before; we have to update the old drain system. The Channel Drain usually install under pedestrian area, bicycle traffic area, car parking space beside the street, etc.

For different application, the Channel Drain need various load capacity. For example, loading requriment for regional road is higher than pedestrain area. As a industrial company with more than 15 years manufacturing industrial products, Leiyuan Industrial could give you a help from planning to construction. We have helped our customer construct many channel drain. 

More idea for drainage, you could pay attention to this web, we will report more news regularly.

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