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  • HS082
  • 27.8*57.8
  • PP
  • Balck
  • 800Mpa
  • Shallow Drainage
  • 9kg/sqm
  • Pallets
  • 500 sqm/container

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Product Details

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HOENSOEY Cells, Ultra-Shallow Rainwater Storage Honeycomb Units

HOENSOEY Cells are a new type of rainwater storage honeycomb units with ultra-high compression strength and unique buckles. They are a core component in shallow surface water treatment systems.

  • The Vertical Loading 80 tons/sqm
  • A Void Ratio of 95 percent
  • Six Sets of Unique Buckles


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HOENSOEY Cells Features

The HOENSOEY stormwater modules are made from high-strength PP. With an estimated lifespan of up to 50 years, they are a perfect alternative to traditional sub-base materials. The technique shows that honeycomb shape has a stable structure, and large geocellular storage tanks are good for rainwater retention, detention and drainage. The shallower profile helps to reduce the impact of construction on the ground. It can save up to 30% on overall site drainage costs compared to conventional methods.


Technical Data

Size (L x W x H): 57.7 x 50 x 8.2 cm

Unit Weight: 2.05kg

Compressive Strength

- Vertical Loading > 800KN/㎡

--- Max value: 1330KN/㎡

- Lateral Loading > 200KN/㎡

--- Max value: 400KN/㎡

Void Ratio: 95%

Perforated Percentage > 52%

Raw Material: Quality PP with polymer materials

Liquid flow properties ( 0.0% gradient ): 50.2 LPS/㎡

Liquid flow properties ( 2.0% gradient ): 94.2 LPS/㎡




>> Go to HOENSOEY Cells website to check the details, Click here......

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