How Dose GSTANK Help You Save Cost?


First, 95% hollow structure to save water bills

Using collected rainwater through rainwater harvesting systems has 95% hollow structure, with the sufficient utilization and realizing the fast water storage, the water can be flowed through the modules freely, so most of the water can be collected and re-use.

GS TANK Can be mainly used for rainwater storage, recycle or soakaway. The drainage system and water storage-permeation and filtration system along side the roads, parking lot, water storage and drainage for the ecological shallow ridges, living community, factories and enterprises, municipal roads, viaducts and bridges, park and scenic sport, Think about how much we could save by recycling rainwater for these everyday. So it shall be the necessity for construction of sponge city.

Second, Multiple sizes available to save project Budget

As the leader of the rainwater collection system in China, Leiyuan company’s technical group had the abundant experiences with reasonable professional deployment along with constant innovation and development for many years. To meet with different engineering need, Leiyuan design multiple sizes so as to adapt to the demand of customers’ need. Now there is 250mm, 450mm, 500mm, 530mm, 700mm height for choices. Customers can find the best solution and suitable rainwater harvesting module according to the length, width, height of the project with the help of our salesman so that they can save the budget.


Third, Unique design to save installation time
Leiyuan GS TANK has the features of simple structure, flexible matching and quick installation. Especially the M2016 Series. The columnar structure and cross bonding feature provides a strong, long term installation and also helps to improve the construction speed of the module.

Due to the stackable design of M2016 Series GSTANK, it simplifies delivery, site logistics and installation. Each single injection moulded piece nestles, optimizing logistical and installation cost significantly. The side plates are added to the perimeter of the system for lateral support and top covers are added to ensure consistent vertical support for the cover fill material.

Since GSTANK can save so much cost, it is purchased widely by international customers, mainly exported to the US, Europe and Australia. And with the people around the world has more and more strong sense of environmental protection, rainwater harvesting system is really a good investment. If you have any interests, just contact us!

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