Paddock Drainage Grid - Your Permanent Paddock Solution


You must be dreaming of a usable paddock without muddy problem 365 days a year if you are an owner of a paddock. But how to make your dream come true? Yes, just find Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited for help. Horse paddock drainage grid from Leiyuan Company is your permanent paddock solution – it is environmentally friendly and a permeable solution for muddy grounds.

Paddock Drainage Grid


Horse stall flooring grid for paddock is one of the most popular equestrian footing and flooring grid system around the world now. It is the most successful soil stabilization system nowadays, widely tested and applied worldwide for years, and is now available to the American livestock and equine industries. Horse paddock grid has a load-bearing capacity of more than 250ton. The grids permanently separate the top layer from the ground sub-base, preventing intermingling of the layers. In many conditions, no foundation work is required.

Besides that, the system is strong and flexible, manufactured from HDPE materials. It is able to withstand climate extremes from -40°Cto 90°C while remaining flexible.


Horse Paddock Grid

If you hope to say goodbye to mud, potholes and corrugations, just use our horse flooring grids.
Of course, there must be a question about the price when you are considering of using a plastic driveway grid for horse flooring. Most of the clients cooperated with Leiyuan Company find that this plastic flooring grid is very cost-effective, as it reduces the need to constantly replace gravel and also ensures onsite productivity isn’t affected by an unstable surface.

So if you are interested in purchasing these excellent design and quality plastic paddock flooring, just call +86 18959896697 today for the price. We are always happy to answer your questions and inquiry.

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