Rainwater Harvesting System Airport Project


Jiangxi Shangrao Sanqingshan airport project covers an area 2243 acres, the passenger throughput about 300,000 people, 4C civil extension airport. Greening rate as high as 42%, the future of rainwater harvesting management and utilization of green space construction area takes 1000m3.

Time:April, 2016
Module Quantity: 5000pcs
Void ratio: 90%-95%
Water Storage Volume: 110L
Load Capacity: 25T-35T/sqm

After confirming the water storage volume, determine the modules as per 105% of storage volume. As to excavation, while considering water storage, use waterproof materials to wrap the modules; then fill the soil back in a width of 50cm the least; add geotextile above the modules; and fill with soil in a thickness of 30-90cm. Pipeline needs to be left beforehand. Plastic modules tank is combined by polypropylene plastics unit modules to form a underground tank; use impermeable geotextile or permeable geotextile to wrap around; and it could form different types of tanks, such as storage tank, permeation tank and flood regulation tank. Raintanks are easy to be installed owning big bearing capacity allowing no mosquitoes, flies and alga; and after being used at temporarily built areas, it could be removed and delivered to other places to keep using. It is applicable for the rainwater harvesting and utilization of large communities, industrial parks, squares and plants.

Construction site: rainwater collection module   splicing complete diagram

Construction site: rainwater module composite geotextiles installation diagram

Construction site: rain harvesting system module  complete diagram

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