The Importance of Green Roofs for Development


With the development of economic, people find out that green roofs have a magnitude of potential benefits for development, including the following:


-Water quantity. Attenuation and retention of rainwater, and subsequent capacity to behave as a Sustainable urban Drainage System.


- Water quality. Filtration of roof run-off. 

- Thermal properties. Regulation of roof surface temperature and reduction of the urban heat island effect. Insulation of the building within.


- Sound mitigation. Reduction of sound propagation across a building's roof surface, and further sound proofing of the building from exterior noise. 

- Aesthetic. Ability to provide amenity value in dense urban centres, and improve the amenity value of a roof.


- Ecology. Customization of species used within the greening solution green roof, and creating a range of habitats allows for it to become an ecological refuge for the local fauna and flora.

However, roof behaviour with regards to the aforementioned benefits varies due to the two main categories of variables.


1. Climate. From the individual dynamics of each individual day, to the seasonal patterns of the location, climate affects green roof behaviour, especially water run-off dynamics.


2. Green roof specifications. The construction varies in accordance to the needs of the client. For example, substrate depth varies in accordance to the weight capacity of the structure in question, and the species utilised varies in accordance to the client's needs.


A possible approach would be to have the individual layers of the water drainage green roof system assessed for a base level performance. Discussions are currently underway to see how feasible this is.


Despite the current issues with gaining acceptance, these roofs are still able to ascertain in part, or in full, various credits.


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