What Are the Ecological Benefits of Building a Green Roof?


Green Roof

1. Water Retention

Usually, green roofs can retain about 50% to 90% of rainwater depending on their design. Most portion of the retention water evaporates, and the rest will gradually drains away. Pipes and drainage cell can help to reduce drainage costs. By this application, the risks of flooding are reduced and some of the burden is taken from the sewage system.


2. A Larger Living Space
Landscaped Green roofing solution can help to replace the lost green space due to a building foot print. In particular, extensive species-rich landscaping can provide diverse opportunities.


3. Improved Noise Protection

Green roofs reduce sound reflection by up to 3dB and improved the sound proofing of a roof by up to 8dB. These benefits are particularly useful for buildings which located under flight paths or which contain very strong sources of noise(such as nightclubs, etc.)

4. Binding Dust and Toxic Particles
The large foliar surface of green roofs and the deceleration of the air flow that they help to create means that landscaped roofs filter between 10% and 20% of the dust from the air. Nitrates and other substances contained in the air and rainwater are also retained and utilized.

5. Microclimate Improved

Green roofs humidify the air and provide cool air. This is particularly effective on rooftops that are located adjacent to residential or office spaces, but also makes a valuable contribution to improving the microclimate in our urban centres. Besides that, green roof improve AC efficiency by reducing ambient air temperatures on the roof.

6. Utilizing Valuable Recycling Materials
Rubber, polyethylene and expanded polystyrene rigid foam are used in the production of drainage elements. Leiyuan Industrial Company is specialized in producing plastic drainage cell which is widely applied in green roofing. The most important criterion is the quality of the product, which is tested by recognized institutes and research bodies.

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