Which Kind Of Rainwater Tank Is The Best Choice For You?


There is an existing problem to deal with if you intend to install a rainwater harvesting system. You have to make a decision before you purchase rainwater tanks: which type of tanks is best for RWH System?  

Here are some common types differing in material:

Which Kind Of Rainwater Tank Is The Best Choice For You?

1. Concrete tank: it's heavy and usually buried underground. It can cost a lot to excavate and install the tank. 


2. Fiberglass tank: it's solider and stronger than the concrete one. But you have to admit that it's also more expensive. Besides, it needs extensive labor resource when installed.


3. Metal tank: this is lighter and easier to install than the above two, as well as cheaper. However, if you use the rainwater to drink, the metal tank is not a good alternative. As the metal can be eroded, the water inside is dangerous for your body.


4. Plastic tank: it's more common and popular for its quality and price. It can be used for many years and when installing the plastic tanks, you don't need to spend a lot on the labor cost. 

The rainwater harvesting tanks of Leiyuan are made from 100% recycled PP. The simple modular design and underground installation make them cost saving and space saving. What's more, they barely need post-maintenance after installation which can save the maintenance cost, too.

After soaking in water, the rainwater harvesting tanks have no significant change and they're odorless with strong property of anti-acid-alkali. The service life can reach up to 40 years. 


So do you have any ideas after researching these types of rainwater tanks? If you are looking for a cost effective one, the plastic tank is your first choice. Then, if you want a not only cost saving but also long working life one, the rainwater tank of Leiyuan(GS-TANKS) is your foremost option. 


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Which Kind Of Rainwater Tank Is The Best Choice For You?

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