Why grass bricks will be replaced by grass grid in the future


In urban construction, the real estate development is not only to meet people's housing needs, but also to advocate greening and improve the green area. Although the grass can grow in the crevice and survive in the harsh environment, in city, the green lawns and parking lots paving grass bricks are often subjected to artificial trampling and wheeling, resulting in a reduction in green area.
plastic grass grid,grass paver grid, Plastic grass reinforcement grid system 

Grass grass and grass bricks is a tool to support the growth of grass, for the grass to share the pressure, to maintain the greening rate of green space. They can meet the parking lot, green area, fire channel, park green and other venues needs.

In the present trend, grass bricks will be replaced by grass grid in the future. why? What are the advantages of honeycomb plastic grass grid for city greening? 

 plastic grass grid,grass paver grid, Plastic grass reinforcement grid system

The following is a comparison.


Plastic grass grid

Grass bricks


Made of HDPE material, lightweight

Concrete is used as raw material, heavy


Dimension design, maintenance simple, install quick, save labor

The size is small and the pavement roughness is poor

Greening rate

Over 95%

Only about 30%

Bearing capacity

Paved collectively, large area with low setting volume. Can satisfy the parking of the bus, fire truck

Paved separately, small individual area with high setting volume

Strength and stability

High strength and excellent stability. Convenient splicing, small gap, wear-resisting, good toughness

Low strength and large gap, easy to crack and tile

Survival rate

95% soil area, the water can be reserved, no acid or alkaline threat, and grass may flourish

The concrete area is larger than that of soil, water is absorbed by the tile and then vaporized. The tiles are alkaline which might corrode the roots

Environment protection

Less dust and noise, and recyclable

Noise and dust, and unrecyclable

The original grass bricks will gradually withdraw from the stage of history, and will be replaced by recyclable plastic HDPE grass paver grid.

Plastic grass reinforcement grid system from Leiyuan has high load capacity, which satisfies the parking and rolling of heavy vehicles. It also provides water storage function, which is beneficial to the lawn growth.

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