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Decorative Vertical Plastic Wall Planter

  • MZ-H200
  • 200x400x150mm
  • HDPE
  • Blue
  • 400 KN (41 ton/sqm)
  • -40℃ to 90℃
  • Wall Greening, Lamp Post Decoration, Rail Decoration, Landscaping, Festival Celebration Decoration etc.
  • 210g/pc
  • Bundle
  • 3925900

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Product Details

Decorative Vertical Plastic Wall Planter Specification:

      Item No.                             Picture                 Size  Installation
       MZ-H200           Plastic Wall Planter        200x400x150mm  Lap Joint
       MZ-T130             Plastic Wall Planter        330x130x50mm  Lap Joint

Plant Container

Introduction about Vertical Plastic Wall Planter:

Vertical Plastic Wall Planter are easy to be mounted into different shapes: Column, Tower, Cone, Waist Shape, etc.With the drainage and storage system, the plant root will not rot, and it helps save the labour cost and resources.


Green walls decrease Temperature and Increase Relative Humidity of Housing. Easy installation and labor cost saving-stored water system make plant grow without watering them everyday. Greening the building envelope allows to obtain a relevant improvement of its efficiency, ecological and environmental benefits as well as an increase of the biodiversity.

Plant Container

Vertical Plastic Wall Planter Structure View: 

Vertical Plastic Wall PlanterVertical Plastic Wall Planter


Vertical Plastic Wall Planter

Plant Container

Vertical Plastic Wall Planter Feature:

  • High Pressure Strength, Strong Intensity
  • Aging Resistance
  • Light Weight
  • Anticorrosion
  • No Deformation
  • Low Cost
  • Easy Installation
  • Flexible for Mounting
  • Easy Care

Plant Container

Vertical Plastic Wall Planter Application Project:

New Living Wall Planter



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