Hoensoey Cells vs. Other Stormwater Modules Geocellulars: The Clear Choice for Superior Performance


Hoensoey Cells are leaders in the realm of stormwater management, delivering efficient, reliable, and durable solutions. Compared to other products on the market, Hoensoey Cells not only boast superior load-bearing capabilities and high water retention rates but also place a special emphasis on flexible and convenient installation. Whether for large-scale projects or smaller endeavors, Hoensoey Cells provide the optimal rainwater treatment solution for your needs.


In today's rapidly urbanizing environment, surface water management systems have become indispensable for urban infrastructure. These systems are designed to manage rainwater effectively, preventing urban flooding and other related issues.


Introduction to Surface Water Management Systems:

Surface water management systems are comprehensive solutions that collect, store, and treat rainwater, ensuring its minimal impact on urban environments. These systems consist of rainwater collection devices, storage units, and filtration mechanisms, ensuring rainwater is treated and reintroduced into the natural cycle.


Role of Modular Water Storage Units in the System:

Within this framework, products like Hoensoey play a pivotal role. They primarily serve as temporary storage solutions, ensuring that rainwater is treated appropriately before its release. For these products to function optimally in rainwater management, they must exhibit high durability, stability, and efficiency.


Hoensoey Overview:

Hoensoey, manufactured by Hoensoey Company | China, is hexagonally shaped with a diameter of 500mm. Weighing 9.05 kg/sq.m., Hoensoey boasts a compressive load of 80 tons/sq.m. and a maximum load of 133 tons/sq.m. Its connection type is the Shuttle tie, and it comes with built-in connection clips and vertical direction clips.


Competitor Overview:

Another product in the market, which we'll refer to as "Product X", is rectangular in shape and made from recycled PP. It has its own set of features and specifications that cater to different needs in the rainwater management sector.

Hoensoey Cells offer a top-tier stormwater management solution, standing out with distinct advantages over other similar products.

Product Specifications Comparison:

Basic Specifications

Feature   Product X      Hoensoey Cells

Shape     Rectangular   Hexagonal

Dimensions   Specific Dimensions     Diameter: 500mm

Height    Specific Height      82mm

Units per sq.m.      Specific Number   4.618

Material  Recycled PP   Recycled PP

Weight   Specific Weight     9.05 kg/sq.m.

Performance & Installation


Feature   Product X      Hoensoey Cells

Compressive Load Specific Load 80 tons/sq.m.

Max Load      Specific Load 133 tons/sq.m.

Water Retention Rate   Specific Rate  95%

Ease of Installation Specific Rating      Very Convenient

Turn Angle without Cutting Specific Angle       Multiples of 15°


Connectivity & Accessories

Feature   Product X      Hoensoey Cells

Connection Type   Specific Type  Shuttle tie

Built-in Connection Clip      Specific Answer     Yes

Vertical Direction Clip   Specific Answer     Yes

Overlap Accessories     Specific Answer     Yes

Overlap Layers      Specific Number   2 or more

Assembly Direction      Specific Direction  Any Direction


Additional Information

Feature   Product X      Hoensoey Cells

Packaging & Transport Convenience Specific Rating      Moderate

Lifespan  Specific Lifespan   50 years


Guidance for Selection:

When deciding between Hoensoey and other products in the market, it's essential to consider the following:


1.     Ease of Installation: Hoensoey stands out due to its very convenient installation process.

2.     Load Bearing Capacity: Hoensoey has a higher compressive and maximum load, making it suitable for projects that need to bear significant weight.

3.     Connectivity and Accessories: Hoensoey offers more connection options and accessories, enhancing its versatility.



Hoensoey is an excellent solution for rainwater management, with unique features tailored to meet diverse project requirements. Its high load-bearing capacity, ease of installation, and versatile connectivity options make it a top choice for professionals in the industry. While other products in the market also offer valuable features, Hoensoey stands out due to its comprehensive benefits.


Learn More:

For more detailed information about Hoensoey, please visit the Hoensoey Official Website.

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