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Landscaping Drainage Cell Wholesale

  • JES25S
  • 1600x18750x25mm
  • HIPS
  • Black
  • 250KN
  • -40℃ to 90℃
  • Play ground,Bridge abutments,Underground
  • 3.15KGS/m2
  • bundle
  • 6250sqm=1x20ft container
  • 392590

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Product Details

Landscaping Drainage Cell Wholesale Specifications:

Item No.  JES15E  JES15S  JES20E   JES20S  JES25E  JES25S
Color  Black  Black  Black  Black  Black  Black
Picture Landscaping Drainage Cell Landscaping Drainage Cell Landscaping Drainage Cell Landscaping Drainage Cell Landscaping Drainage Cell Landscaping Drainage Cell
Size(mm)  1700x17650x15  1600x18750x15  1700x17650x20  1600x18750x20  1700x17650x25  1600x18750x25
Unit weight(g/m2)  950g/m2  750g/m2  950g/m2  950g/m2  1200g/m2  1000g/m2
Pressure strength(Kpa)  320KN  320KN  280KN  280KN  250KN  250KN
Bending Strength(N/5cm)  330  ≥330  380  380  400  400
Puncture Strength(N)  350  350  400  ≥400  420  420
Vertical Circulating Capacity(cm3/s)  6.4  6.4  12.8  12.8  13.5  13.5
Elongation at Break 



 40%  40%  45%  45%
Package  Bundle  Bundle  Bundle  Bundle  Bundle  Bundle
MOQ  One bundle  One bundle  One bundle  One bundle  One bundle  One bundle

Drainage Plate

LEIYUAN Landscaping Drainage Cell to replace the drainage layer pebbles treatment not only save time,effort and energy, saving investment, but also reduce the load of the building. Good Drainage system for normal use and life cycle of civil construction and the building has an important role. Long and short cylindrical Landscaping Drainage Cell Wholesale and geotextiles to form a drainage system, to form a water seepage, water and drainage systems.


Plastic Drainage Board light of its own weight, the roof structure will not increase the load. 100% recycled, not cause secondary pollution to the environment. Loading capacity per square can reach 80 tons weight, suitable for create a variety of landscape.

Drainage Plate

Features and Benefits:


High compression strength

Seepage proof

Available in different sizes

Cost save

Water drainage and storage

Easy installation 

No surface drains required

Reduces surface temperature around building

High load bearing 148.58t/m2 unconfined

Replenishes water supply to landscaped areas

Unique and easy to use interlocking system

Promotes fast and excellent plant growth

Strong structure can support heavy loads

Retains a minimum of approximately 76L/m2 of perched water above the cells

Drainage Plate

Strength Drainage Plate Application:

Roof greening

Bridge abutments




Play ground

Retaining walls

Golf courses water drainage 

Fire truck access paths

Fire lanes

Golf buggy

Trolley paths

Modern factory building

Noble living communities

Emergency vehicle access roads through fields

Drainage Plate

Strength Drainage Plate Construction:

Drainage Cell Wholesale

Drainage Plate

Strength Drainage Plate Projects View:

Landscaping Drainage Cell Wholesale

Leiyuan Strength Drainage Plate: Good water feature, Long life service!

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