Leiyuan Overall Upgrade the Rainwater Harvesting Module Production Process


In order to improve the rainwater harvesting module product quality and provide better service to customers, Leiyuan is has continued to improve and progress. Recently our company has upgrade the production process comprehensively.

1. More carefully on the purchase of raw materials

Each plastics materials have their own characteristics to ratio, we are more carefully on the purchase of raw materials, each batch of material will be observed from the color first. The plastic raw materials must be burning up and through the flame to determine the quality of the material.


2.  Upgrade the new mold
The central position on the small pieces rainwater harvesting modular change from hollow to solid. The edge position of the large pieces rainwater harvesting modular add bars. The anti-stress of single product improve from the original average of 9 tons to 11 tons.



3. Application of Robot production

The production line is upgrading to robot production, change from “people controlled machine” Into “machine control people”. The time of producing products from the injection molding machine is more fixed so that the production efficiency is improved. Meanwhile by the application of robot production, the soakaway crate product is more resistance to fall. The compressive strength is well guaranteed.


3.  Upgrade packing machine

Add special iron card slot on the packing machine, which is conducive to product packaging more neatly.



5. Application of compression machine

Factory own its compression machine. Compression testing center takes 500RMB for one time of press. By application of compression machine. Each producing of 50CBM products the machine will be random press of the products, the average compressive strength of each single product is 10 tons.


6. Use tarpaulin to cover the outdoor products

All the products placed in the open-air will use new tarpauline to cover so that it can be sure that the goods won’t get wet during the rainy day.

At the same time, all the outdoor products have to buy insurance. Because the pp material module rainwater harvesting tank belongs to flammable plastic products, even our factory use small free management in the production workshop but it does not rule out other people have the habit of throwing cigarette butts. So having insurance is a good choice, even if there is a problem, the factory can be quickly re-production.



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