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Recycled Interlocking Plastic Pavers Driveways

  • LK-W438b
  • 465x535x38mm
  • HDPE(high-density polyethylene)
  • Dark Green
  • 1584KN/sqm(160ton/sqm)
  • -40℃ to 90℃
  • Car Parks, Driveways, Grass verges, Overflow parking, Green space
  • 4.05kg/sqm
  • Bundle or carton
  • 8pcs/bundle, 940sqm/20ft container
  • 3925900

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Product Details

Recycled Interlocking Plastic Pavers Driveways Specification:

 Item Code  LK-W438b
 Material  HDPE
 Size(L x W x H)  465x535x38mm
 Color  Green
 Compressive Strength  1584KN/sqm (160ton/sqm)
 Working Temperature  Dimensionally stable for -40℃ to 90
 Weight  4.05kg/sqm
 Afforests Rate  95%~100%
 Porosity  90%
 Moisture Absorption  0.1%
 Environmental Compatibility  No toxic, harmless to plants, animals, microorganisms, inert material, groundwater neutral
 Anti HCL  According to GB4218-1984, 30%x24h, no visible change
 Anti NaOH  According to GB4218-1984, 40%x24h, no visible change
 Thermal Aging  According to GB/T 7141-1999, 70ICx24h, no visible change
 Anti UV  According to GB/T18830, UPE>30 T(UVA)AV<5%, qualified
 Packing  Bundle or Carton (or at your request), 8pcs=2sqm=1bundle
 MOQ  100sqm
 Loading Capacity  1x20ft container=940sqm; 1x40ft container=1910sqm; 1x40HC Container=2160sqm

 About 20 days after receipt the deposit.

 FOB Xiamen, appointed shipping-terms and port accept.


Recycled Pastic Pavers Application:

  • Noble living communities

  • Grass car parks/ fairground

  • Fire truck access paths/ fire lanes

  • Handicap access routes

  • Temporary staging areas

  • Grass driveways and grass shoulder

  • Modern factory building

  • Emergency vehicle access roads through fields

  • Truck maintenance and equipment yards

  • Construction entrance soil stabilization

  • Residential driveways

  • Roof Garden greening ect.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Perfect Greening: Plastic grid paving covers more than 95% grass area with complete green effect, it can absorb noise, dust, heat and reduce the 
  • glare produced by the ground reflection.

  • Save investment: Grass grids combined parking garage and greening, saving land.
  • Water conservation: Grass has water conservation functions, which can reduce urban inland inundation.

  • High strength and durability: Grass grid using patented technology, the maximum compression capacity is 200 tons/sqm, greater than regulatory 

  • requirements of the saving fire plane 32 tons/sqm. Its stable performance, anti-UV, anti acid corrosion, and anti-wear pressure make the fire exits, fire 
  • climb surface into a green surface.

  • Protection of grass: load-bearing layer of gravel to provide a certain amount of water features, enabling the growth of grass, grass can grow to the gravel layer.

  • Water conservation: Grass has water conservation functions, which can reduce urban inland inundation.

Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE material, Leiyuan Recycled Pastic Pavers are an interlocking celluar paving grid system for grass and ground reinforcement applications. Because of its chemically inert and non toxic feature, grass grid allow the drainage of stormwater back into the underground soil. Except for greening, the grass grid is also designed as a sustainable solution for areas of both heavy and light traffic. During installed, the grass grids can be filled with grass or gravel surface and allow full rainwater penetration.

Recycled Pastic Pavers provides the pavement strength with the natural beauty of grass, at the same time, it eliminates soil compaction, reduces reflective heat and allowing for all weather accessibility at a very cost effective price.

Plastic Grass Paver Construction:


Leiyuan Plastic Grid Paving: High Strength, Long Life Service !


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