South Korean Customers Visit Leiyuan factory for Gravel Stabilization Grid


May 4th, South Korean customers visit our factory for Gravel Stabilization Grid.

The customers has three integrated automatic cow farms and do have a strong interest in our product agent in South Korea. We on-site to do experiments for customers and filled the stable floor grid with gravel and sand, at the same time, with the truck rolling back and forth. After live testing, the customers eliminated the worry about our products.


live testing


live testing



Besides that we also discussed the basic layer work before paving the gravel paddock grid together during the visit, the two sides reached a common sense that the total basic level should be 30cm. Using 20cm pebbles, 10cm stone powder to reinforce the basic level.


Our South Korean Customers place an order of 2250sqm gravel paving grid on the spot for this first farm paving. And this farm will be used as a visit to the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture base. We look forward to follow-up of long-term cooperation.

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