Why Choose Leiyuan for Hydronic Floor Heating Module?


- Factories

Independent factory + 15 years of industry experience

Leiyuan Company is specializing in the production of plastic products for more than 15 years, has a wealth of experience in product development and manufacturing. Our product has been adopted by several large high-grade projects and is well received by the owners and the construction unit.

- Raw materials

Quality raw materials + strict inspection

Raw material is an important factor in determining product quality, Leiyuan Company's hydronic floor heating module raw material suppliers are well-known PP-R materials manufacturers, with international standards. 

Once the raw materials into the factory, they should subject to a series of rigorous scientific testing to ensure that the excellent performance. The high-quality pure Compound materials, from the outstanding performance and environmental quality basic product decisions, protect the user's safety and health.

- Production
German equipment + Exquisite craft

Introducing international advanced equipment to improve the degree of automation, control quality accurately, ensure superior product quality.

Precision automatic injection molding machine makes the production of highly efficient and stable, full-size and precise control, excellent plasticizing effect. Robotic automation manipulator reduces the impact of human factors on product quality.

- Quality aspects

High standards + full-depth details

Establish a perfect quality management system, through the "self-test", "mutual inspection and special inspection" to ensure the quality.

Each batch of radiant water heating system products will be inspected by the professional inspector according to the internal control standards to ensure product quality and reliable, safe operation of the system from all aspects of the product appearance, size, physical and chemical properties, and packaging etc.

Perfect quality assurance system, advanced detection methods and strict monitoring system ensure the quality of our products.

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