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Wholesale Vegetables Plastic Planting Container

  • MZ-80A1
  • 400x500x80mm
  • HDPE
  • Green
  • 400 KN (41 ton/sqm)
  • -40℃ to 90℃
  • Roof Greening, Home Gardening, Balcony Gardening, Road Greening, Landscape etc.
  • 720g/pc
  • Bundle
  • 3925900

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Product Details

Wholesale Vegetables Plastic Planting Container Specification:

      Item No.                             Picture                 Size
       MZ-50A             Wholesale Plant Container        330x450x50mm
       MZ-50B             Wholesale Plant Container        330x450x50mm
       MZ-70A            Wholesale Plant Container             330x450x70mm
       MZ-70B               Wholesale Plant Container        330x450x70mm
       MZ-80A              Wholesale Plant Container        500x400x80mm
       MZ-80B             Wholesale Plant Container        500x400x80mm
      MZ-100B               Wholesale Plant Container       400x500x100mm
      MZ-100A                   Wholesale Plant Container        400x500x100mm


Introduction about Vegetables Plastic Plants Container System:

Plant Container

Plastic Planting Container is a technology which is made up of Plastic Plant Container, non-woven textile, soil and plant. After finishing plant work, they are transferred to destination and put on the roof directly.


The integrated system has complete water drainage and ventilated system which makes sure the root will not rot in rainy days. The water storage function make sure plants won't lack of water in dry seasons. Base production simplified the installation, save the labour cost and roof maintenance cost.

Vegetables Plant Container


Plastic Plant Container Feature:

Plant Container

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Water Saving
  • No Deformation
  • Durable
  • Air Permeable
  • Easy Care
  • Non toxic, Harmless and Sanitary
  • Greening Solution


 Plant Container Application Project:

Plant Container

Planting Container



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