FAQ on Leiyuan Hydronic Floor Heating Module


1. Q: How much space can save by using Leiyuan hydronic water floor heating module pavement compared to traditional floor heating module? What are the benefits of saving these spaces?

A: Compared to conventional module pavement, Leiyuan hydronic water floor heating module can save 3-5cm height, also increased 3-5cm suitable space, this applies can not only increase the space of the room, but also reduce the construction cost of floor heating.


2. Q: Will it have peculiar smell after the products been heating? Is there a volatile matter? Is it environmental protection?

A: Leiyuan hydronic floor heating module is odorless, non-toxic and does not volatilize harmful gases, has excellent resistance to high temperature(maximum temperature up to 100℃ and produce fire retardant products according to customer’s demand ), low water absorption, good electrical properties and high frequency insulation from temperature effect. The raw material is PP, which is widely used in the production of plastic sheeting, medicine and food packaging films, so the products are totally environmentally friendly.


3. Q: Will leiyuan hydronic floor heating become deformed after long-term use? Will the performance be fall?

A: Because the raw materials of our hydronic floor heating module are PP, so the products has stability, anti-corrosion feature and strong compressive strength, the equipment is not effected by outdoor temperature, which greatly extend the life of the hydronic heating system for not less than 50 years of ageing resistance, , the life expectancy is 6-10 times of traditional radiator.


4. Q: How to do if there are some construction areas can’t take the whole module during the paving process?

A: During the paving process, if some construction areas do not take whole module, we can do random cutting to the module and flexible pavement following the shape you need.


5. Q: Will Leiyuan hydronic heating system loss heat down?

A: Our floor hydronic heating system is use ground own heat storage and heat radiation up laws of ground bottom-up conduction, to achieve the purpose of heating. And the heat may be passed down. Mainly took the form of conduction, Leiyuan hydronic floor heating module adopts linear connection, thus reduce the heat transfer medium to ground delivery need, at the same time keep some space at the bottom of the module. And then backfill 1-2cm of cement mortar on the module to build up a sealed space. The bottom part of the space reserved for a large amount of air sealed. And the sealed air remain state of motionless and un-flow, insulating the stays behind vacuum insulation. The reflective film should be paved before the module pavement, the thickness are generally 5cm. So the even the hydronic floor heating system conduct the heat downstairs, it is very few, even can negligible.

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