Maintenance of Artificial Lawn Grass


When you replace natural grass with artificial turf grass, you need new ways for maintenance different from natural grass. For natural grass, you always need to stop using several days or even more than one week for grass recovering. Fortunately, you will be away from irrigating, fertilizing, pesticide using or trimming if you have one pitch of synthetic grass lawn. Here are some useful tips for artificial turf grass maintenance.


Comparing to natural grass, maintenance for artificial turf grass is quite easy and lower costing. The proper maintenance is for enhance the performance and appearance of lawn landscape.

Here are the key tips for artificial turf grass surface maintenance:

1. Always keep the surface clean

2. Proper management of pitch use.

3. Enough trash cans placement.

4. Mark with “No Smoking, No food” in conspicuous place.

5. Repair little damage in time.

6. Always obey the rules of maintenance and cleaning.


1. The points for maintenance:

Once the artificial grass lawn pitch is finished, you need at least two weeks for fiber stability. Though you can hold sports games during this period, however, we strongly recommend you keep any heavy machine or vehicle away from the pitch, and make the cleaning time as less as possible, especially never clear the turf in hot weather. Additionally, varying from natural grass, artificial grass usually needs several weeks using and weathering for its best sports performance. During this period, you need not only keep fiber stable, but proper granule infilling in order to keep a long term for comfort and superiority application.


2. Cleaning

Rain is the best cleaner, it can easily remove the dust, farina or other pollutant from fiber. However, cleaning in time is necessary for artificial turf pitch. You should always avoid problems bellow:

1. Place enough trash cans lest the garbage spillover.

2. Divide the special lane for vehicles, keep dust and track away from pitch.

3. Emphasize no smoking environment.


3. Sweeping in small area

It is quite easy to remove paper, shell or plastic by cleaner in time once sports games end. The good cleaner can easily remove scran or dust from fibers.


Here are some points for cleaner using.

1. Cleaner with brush

Some cleaner with brush made by PA or other material such as alkene should have 2.5 inches brush length without metal thread.


2. Brush using

Proper cleaner use would never remove rubber granule in synthetic grass turf, thus the brushing using is quite important. The brush setting is according to cleaner code. The cleaner would work well when the brush is just meet the top of fibers. Never set brush too long, as it can get in the infilling and damage fibers and rubber granule. We never recommend any client sweeping soil with brush cleaner.


3. Temperature limit

In summer, when the temperature is beyond 33 centigrade, please do NOT use cleaner in pitch.


4. Vehicle off-gas

To avoiding fibers melting, never stop any vehicle without flame out in the pitch. No matter what vehicle, never keep the off-gas away from pitch.


5. Oil spillover

Avoiding any oil spilling on the fibers or surface as oil can turn the fiber color. Never leave any acid material such as battery to the surface.


6. Cleaning frequency

Usually, if it is needful, do the cleaning. Commonly, do the cleaning two times per month in high frequent using period. 

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