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Interlocking Soil Stabilizers Grid Floors Horse Riding Grid

  • LY950
  • 333*333*50mm
  • HDPE
  • Black Dark Green
  • More than 250tons/m2 after filled
  • -40 to 120 degree Celsius
  • Paddocks, Horse walkers, Lunging arena, Equestrian sports area etc.
  • 0.65kg/pc; 5.85kg/m2
  • Bundles for FCL and cartons for LCL
  • 570sqm/20'GP; 1150sqm/40'GP; 1310sqm/40'HC

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Product Details

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Horse Paddock GridsHorse Paddock Grid is a high quality and versatile range of 100% recycled high density plastic, permeable paving. Ground stabilization horsting footing grid from Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited is the best quality product of its kind in the market place. It has high own load-bearing capacity and the intelligent load distribution, except that, it has feature of excellent durability,drainage, traction and carrying capacity. It is incredibly tough and durable, and it needs minimal maintenance. It is best mud management solutions for all equestrian facilities and livestock owners. Grid floor has a compressive strength of up to 250 tonnes per m2.


Horse paddock grids systems prevent the intermingling of the surface with the subsoil. Roughly 2/3 the price of other commercial equestrian footing products. Retire for life from your paddock improvement career. Fix it once with paddock grids, and forget it. paddock grids provides usable outdoor or indoor footing 365 days a year come rain or shine.


Interlocking Soil Stabilizers Grid Floors Horse Riding Grid

Using paddock grids instead of the "twelve inches of gravel" method permanently solves your muddy paddock problems. walkways prevent you from providing turnouts for your - or your clients' - horses? Constant rainfall, clay soil, heavy traffic - it doesn't matter! paddock grids provides usable paddocks year-round. Other ground treatments, such as hogfuel, require annual removal and reapplication. Horse paddock grids is now suggested by the Conservation Office.

Leiyuan is offering plastic ground reinforcement horse footing grid system for customers from all over the world. We produce quality gravel and grass grids, they are suitable for driveways, paddock etc.

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  • After studied the European Standard design, we made a revision on interlocking part, which is able to interlock tightly and ensure the interlocking parts no broken during horses running.

  • 9 individual sections are pre-assembled in the factory to form easy-to-install units. This means that you can lay an area of 1 m² in one go.

Horse Footing Grid Systems

Plastic Paddock Grid Systems


 MATERIAL  HDPE(100% Recycled High Density Polyethylene)
 COLOR  Black; Dark Green
 SIZE  336*336*50mm
 WEIGHT   0.65kg/pc; 5.85kg/m2
 OPEN CELL PERCENTAGE   92% top; 75% base
 ANTI HCL   According to GB4218-1984, 30% x 24h, no visible change
 ANTI NAOH   According to GB4218-1984, 30% x 24h, no visible change
 THERMAL AGING   According to GB/T 7141-1999, 70IC x24h, no visible change
 UV RESISTANCE   According to GB/T18830, UPE>30T(UVA)AV<5%, Qualified
 TOXICITY  Non Toxic
 DURABILITY  At least 10 years in neutral ground of 4<pH<9
 PACKING  Nine individual sections are pre-assembled in the factory to form easy-to-install units. This means that you can lay an area of 1m2 in one go.
 PACKING  570sqm/20'GP; 1150sqm/40'GP; 1310sqm/40'HC


Horse Riding Stable Grid   Horse Riding Stable Grid


  • Indoor and outdoor riding arenasPaddock Grid Floor

  • Paddocks and open stables

  • Horse walkers

  • Lunging arena

  • Equestrian sports area

  • Tethering and mounting areas

  • Feeding spots 

  • Tolt tracks, Racetracts 

  • Gravel road

  • Round pens 

  • Washing areas.


Plastic Grid Floor


-Light weight


-Elastic and robust

-Easy Install



-Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable

-High load capacity

-Ammonia resistant

-Withstands frost and UV light

-Does not rot

-Best muddy management solution



No mud

Equal load on all joints

The tread layer remains separate from the substructure

Minimal maintenance

High degree of elasticity

Load capacity of up to 250tons/m2

Outstanding drainage

More than 200 elastic elements per m2

Quick and easy to install

Environmentally friendly

Minimal hoof impact marks

Patented safety locking system

Permanent drainage

Robust surface with good grip

All-weather areas, the ideal surface all year round

Open stables keep free from mud and puddles. 



We supply a firm interlocking connected accessories and fix edging system that offers a guide to ensure continuous levels across surfaces as well as the ability to cut patterns and curves to surfaces.

Grid Floors Horse Riding Grids



Horse paddock Grid Packing


Horse Riding Grids Recruit Global Distributors

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