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High Strength Drain Overflow Channel Grating

  • MJ-G30
  • 300x20x30mm
  • HDPE
  • Green
  • 400 KN (41 ton/sqm)
  • -40℃ to 90℃
  • Swimming pool, guttery, ditch, landscape pool, spa, basin, anti-skid slot of drain etc.
  • 150g/pc
  • 45pcs/bundle, 0.6m3/bundle
  • 3200sqm=1x20ft container
  • 3925900

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Product Details

Anti-UV Swimming Pool Plastic Drain Grating Specification:

 Item No.  MJ-G30
 Material  HDPE and flat steel (Outer plastic, inner steel)
 Size  300x20x30mm
 Other Available Size  200x20x20mm, 250x20x25mm
 Color  Green (Other color can be customize)
 Shape  One faucet or two faucet
 Pressure Strength  400KN (41Ton/Sqm)
 Unit Weight  150g/pc
 Hardness  86
 Water Drainage Rate  95%
 Vertical Circulating Capacity  50cm3/s
 Water Retention  3.5litre/m2
 Elongation  9%
 Tensile Strength  250MPa
 Application  Swimming pool, gutter, ditch, landscape pool, spa, basin, anti-skid slot of drain etc.
 Package  45pcs/bundle, 0.6m3/bundle


Introduction About Overflow Grating:

Overflow Dran Grating uses high density polyethylene (HDPE) and flat steel as raw material. With high strength, corrosion resistance, fast drainage, easy installation feature, overflow channel grating is the best solution for swimming pool and other grating. If combined with pebbles the drain grate will have beautiful landscape and excellent drainage effect. 


Our plastic drain grating confirms to international standards, the particular comb-like structure effectively slows down the speed of waves. Our professionals make sure of injection molding, which make the products resistant to harsh weather tested of various parameters by our able quality analysts and defective parts are immediately removed.


The most popular size of pool overflow grating, the 300mm wide product can be found in pools all across China. The modular design makes our overflow grating easy to install and maintenance.

 Overflow Channel Grating

Plastic Grating Feature:

  •  Solid and Corrosion Resistant(Outer plastic plus inner steel);

  •  UV treated, high tensile strength, excellent quality;

  • Durability and accurate dimensions;

  • Anti-slippery and very comfortable;

  • Available in different sizes and colors;

  •  Attractive, non-slip top surface;
  •  Recoverable, recycle, classical environment protection material;
  •  Anti-slip and wear-resistant for long life;
  •  Environmental friendly, non-pollution, no toxic chemicals;
  •  Easy installation and easy to clean and maintenance convenient;
  •  Water-proof, weather resistance, flexible and strong arcing curves;

  •  Ideal for overflow systems of swimming pool and spa;

Plastic Overflow Grating Main Material:

Floor Drain Grates

Overflow Grating Construction Section View:

Overflow Drain Grating Construction


Overflow Drain Grating

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