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Long Working Life Radiant Water Heating Systems For Homes

  • WT4501
  • 450 * 450 *25 mm
  • PP(Polypropylene)
  • Black
  • 2000 kg / sqm
  • -30 ° C to 100° C
  • Industry,civil place,commercial building heating / cooling systems,Agriculture , animal husbandry, fisheries,forestry heating,airport,school,hospital, clubs and other place need heating
  • 2.5kg/sqm
  • 25pieces/carton
  • 360 CTN=1*40' GP
  • 39259000

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Product Details

Long Working Life Radiant Water Heating Systems For Homes

Hydronic systems, named according to heating materials, is called “natural gas heating” as well. Using the circulation of hot water (no more than 60 degree Celsius) in the heating pipes mounted beneath the floor, the floor is heated by radiation and convection. This type of heat transition conveys the heat energy from bottom to the top evenly, which obeys the ergonomic rules. Therefore, it has the advantage of supplying heat efficiently and healthily without causing dryness.

Heating module product parameter

Product model number: WT4501 

Product dimensions: 450*450*25mm

Product weight: 2.5kg/ meter square

Manufacturing materials: polypropylene

Coiler separation: 15 cm

Pipe diameter: 16 cm

Number of products per box: 25

Main purpose: Used for heating system installment(both wet-type and dry –type)

Water vessel module: 400*400*25mm

Output:  200 meter square/day

Q & A about Floor Heating

1.Q:How much space does the heating module save comparing to traditional heating syste? and what will the benefit brought by free space?

     A:The heating module save the 3 to 5 centimeters height which increasing the use of space.It’s not only increasing room using space,but also decrease the labor cost.

2.Q:Will it volatilize any smell or produce volatile after heating the product? Is the product environmental protection ?

    A:This product is odorless and non-toxic, it doesn’t volatilize any harmful gas. It’s an odorless, non-toxic product with excellent resistance to high temperature ( the highest heat resistance is up to 100 °C), protecting the influence from temperature.

3.Q:Will the product be out of shape or capability become transform, in long-term use?

    A:Leiyuan heating module is made of HDPE material,with a good performance on working life as 6 to 10 times long as other traditional materialhaving.Hence,it can work well on different situations.

4.Q:What can we do if the whole module not suitable for some construction in paving process?

    A:The product is able to casually cut,flexibly pave by our design.


Why choose us?


own factories and 15 years of business experience 15-year of manufacture of plastic products gives us precious experience of product development and manufacture. Our product has been adopted by many great engineering companies and construction units, and it earned a good reputation.


high quality materials and restrict inspection process

Material decides the quality of products. Our material supplier is the well-known PP-R Material Production Company, which has the international manufacture standard. All the bought raw materials have to go through a series of restrict scientific inspection to ensure all their properties are good. High quality materials lead to quality-guaranteed products and ensure the safety and health of users.


German equipment and skilled craftsmanship

Using international advanced equipment, which is highly automatic and controls the quality and quantity accurately. 

Highly accurate and automatic injection molding machine ensures the manufacture proceeds efficiently and accurately, as the automatic process reduces the human error effects on the quality of the products.


High standard inspection into every detail

A perfect quality control system is constructed, checking the quality through both self-detection and mutual detection processes. Before leaving the factory, every batch of products will be checked by professional inspectors in terms of appearance, size, properties and package, making sure all the products are reliable and the system operates safely.

Perfect quality-inspection system, advanced inspection methods and restrict detection regime contribute to the outstanding quality of our products.



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