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Plastic Hot Water Radiant Floor Heating Module

  • WT4501
  • 450*450*25mm
  • PP
  • Black
  • 2000kg/m2
  • 40℃ to 100℃
  • Industrial, Commercial building heating/cooling systems, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Forestry heating, Airports, schools, hospitals, Fishery
  • 2.5kg/sqm
  • 25pieces/carton
  • 360CTN=1x40'GP
  • 39259000

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Product Details

Plastic Hot Water Radiant Floor Heating Module

Technical Date
Item No.:WT4501Floor heating
Quantity of a carton:25 pieces
Coil pipe distance:15cm
Suitable pipe caliber:16cm
Water distributor module:400*400*25mm
Daily Capacity: 200sqm/Day
Working life: More than 50 years


Radiant Floor Heating Module is mainly used under 60℃ water pour into the heating pipe that implementation of internal recycling as heat medium, setting the Radiant Floor Heating Module under the floor to warm up the entire floor. It is a highly safety module to keep indoor warming; also it can provide and reuse hot water in our life. With high compression strength and lightweight module design of Floor Heating Module is makes installation easier, cheaper, safer than electric heating.
floor heating


1. Safety and usefu
floor heating2. Recyclablefloor heating
3. Corrosion resisting
4. Resist compression
5. Flame retardance
6. provide hot water
7. Made with Anti-pollution material
8. Easy to install and have buckle can fix the pipe directly
9. Do not release toxic gas over 100℃
10. Equal heating and keep the heat quantity lasting
11. High pressure strength
12. Good dielectric property and insulativity
13. Easy for air circulating
14. Low cost,saving building cost
15. Convenient maintenance
16. Reuse water


1. High pressure strengthfloor heating
2. Reduce labor cost,rapid and convenient constructionfloor heating
3. Good ability of heat storage
4. Partly soundproof effect
5. Energy conservation
6. Lightweight design,reduce the load of building
7. Heating rapidly:only need 10-20mins
8. Installation Flexibly
9. Easy to install and high efficient
10. Working life more than 50 years
11. Have buckle can fix the pipe directly

Step1: Laying the reflectance coating or other insulation board
Step2: Laying the hydronic heating module upon the reflectance coating
Step3: Coiling pipe on hydronic heating module
Step4: Backfill concrete or paving ground decoration directly
floor heating


floor heating

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